Monday, January 21, 2013


So-- since a few of you asked to see my do-it-yourself hair chop-- 
Here's a selfie for you! 

It rests on my shoulders. 
(I think the way I'm posing makes it look a bit longer than it actually is.)

I tried to find a picture to show you guys just how long it was before I hacked it off-- but every photo I found-- my hair was up.  (Big surprise.)

Anyway-- I thought I'd leave you with this:



  1. Your hair looks amazing!! I discovered the art of chopping my own hair a year or so ago. Once you know how you want your hair it's surprisingly easy to do and — this is the part I love — I only ever have myself to blame if something goes wrong and, somehow, I like that better than risking a bad hairdresser?


  2. Interesting. We would all dig for something deep and wise if they were our last words.

  3. Nice. Perhaps next time you find the urge, you should do what my daughter did twice and donate your hair to Locks of Love. Give a gift to someone who doesn't have any due to chemo/cancer treatments. You'll be glad that you did.

  4. It looks great! And AWWW KITTIES.

  5. Your hair looks great!


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