Tuesday, January 1, 2013

For You, Mrs. One Day...

A blogger who was very kind, hilarious, inspirational and a talented writer, passed away on Christmas Eve of 2012.  It's interesting-- this writing community that we have here, isn't it?  Because, she was more than a blogger, she was a friend.  She was someone I would talk to on the computer that understood the joy of writing and the stirring of it inside your soul.  We talked of future plans and to meet, in "real" life.  I may not have known her physical presence, but I knew her, and I called her "friend" without a second thought.  I can only imagine how deeply her loved one's must be suffering in her absence.  I am sending my love to them.

Mrs. One Day @ One Day I'm Gonna, or better known as Misty Tamone -- was taken much too soon.  She was full of dreams and aspirations.... and I post this in her honor:

                                                            Source: hannasroom.com via Azia on Pinterest


  1. Gah, what? That's so sad! We weren't close/I didn't know her well, but she had commented on my blog before... :(

  2. She will leave an empty spot.

  3. That is so sad. I had subscribed/followed her blog and was starting to wonder why it wasn't updated. Curious about what will happen to her blog. Perhaps a member of her family might make one last post and then leave it up as a memorial?

  4. How sad. I don't even like the phrase in "real" life. I'd rather say in-person vs. online, because I feel more connected to some of the people I've met online than casual acquaintances I see in my daily life.

    I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.


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