Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Found A Manuscript!

Umm... so, I just stumbled across an interesting file on my computer...

It's only 25 pages-- but, it's a book I vaguely remember starting during my pregnancy with EVA.  She's 5 years old now...

I completely forgot about this manuscript!  It was saved in some obscure file and I accidentally clicked on it when I was looking for something totally different.

I even TITLED it, you guys!

I NEVER title anything.  I'm terrible with titles.  Dare I say, I loathe titles?

It's called The Price of Paramour... and, as you can suspect-- it's a romancey-for-the-chicks-NA.

For starting the manuscript at 21-22 years old... it's not THAT bad.  As I read, I definitely found myself feeling a bit embarrassed (ie- WHAT WAS I THINKING WITH THAT STUPID METAPHOR!?)  but-- it's really not bad.  I think I could easily finish this.

Yes, it is now *another* manuscript that I have floating around... and yes, it is kind of a trashy romance novel that I never write... but, that's kind of fun!

On a completely separate note-- The Strokes have a song available for free download on their website and it is TERRIBLE.  I want to cry.  Who listened to that song and told them, "Hey guys!  This sounds awesome!  This should totally be on your next album!"  I want to find that guy and tell him he's an asshole.

Anyhoots-- I hope my critique partners are honest enough with me to tell me if and when my writing sucks.

Honesty is a strong, admirable virtue....  And, I'll much appreciate you saving me from embarrassment!


  1. Oo maybe you should post it bit by bit on the blog! I'm all for girly stories.

    1. hmmm maybe I will! It's kind of a romantic- NA. Well, not kind of- is definitely that.


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