Monday, January 28, 2013

Re-Introduce Myself

I'm participating in the:
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"Simply take a moment and tell us something interesting about yourself. Anything. It can be about writing. Or blogging. Or a hidden talent. Perhaps you’re in the Witness Protection Program."

We're told this doesn't have to be too long-- just a quick thaaaaang.  So, here it goes:
This is me-- Hello!
Hi!  My I'm Azia.  
I live in Southern MinneSNOWta.
It's really cold here right now and I kind of hate it.

I've been blessed to have met my soul-mate, Garrett.
We have two children.
We also have two cats.
We are currently in the process of donating and/or selling all of our belongings in order to live full time in an RV traveling across the US with our kids.

Life Rocks- I have no complaints!
isn't Garrett handsome!?
I've been blogging on this site since 2009-- but a few months ago I gutted over 500 posts and decided to use this space as a way to network with other writers.
(Basically, I was putting too much of myself "out there" for people-- and in turn being stalked.)
So, if you are wondering why there aren't too many posts on here, now you know the reason.

My good friend Sam and I are in the beginning stages of starting an online Lit-Journal/Site: I am excited to reveal it to you (and start receiving submissions from ya'll!) in the next couple of weeks!  You can find us on the Twitter: @DirtyChaiMag
We are *very* excited about this project!

Me and Sam's muddy feet.  Inspired my poem, "Yellow-painted toe nails..."
As for my personal writing attempts, I have quite a few unfinished manuscripts.  (I refuse to give an exact number, but somewhere between 10-15).  They range from YA dystopian, to NA, to mystery, and some memoir.  I've also been writing a ton of poetry lately.

My goal this year is to actually finish ONE of my books.  Send some prayers/positive vibes into the universe for me!?  Please and thank you.

Check out my About Me section for more random tidbits!

"I want to keep meeting new people, enlarging my circle of friends. I have great friends now... really good people. But I'm always ready for what comes next." -Paula Danzinger


  1. Your Garrett is indeed very handsome. Good luck with your plans. I hope it works out.

  2. Good luck finishing those books. And have fun roaming the world!

  3. Travelling around in an RV sounds positively exciting! So nice to meet you!

    1. yes, indeed. But, the patience needed until we can actually go-- not exciting! Ha! Nice to meet you also!

  4. Hi Azia. We've met before at Five Sentence Fiction. Nice to re-meet you.
    Travelling around in an RV sounds like a great way to expand your horizons... what an experience for the kids!
    You and hubby make a cute pair!

    1. I need to do some FSF-- I haven't participated in weeks! *shakes head* Thank you-- I think him and I compliment one another :)

  5. The RV lifestyle sounds like quite the adventure. Bet you guys will have a blast. Nice to meet you.

    1. Thanks! Nice to meet you, Nicole!

  6. Ohhh I want to hear more about this traveling in an RV thing! Have you spoken of it before and I just missed it?! That sounds AMAZING!

    1. I have not! I am sure I will mention more about it in the future!

  7. Good luck with your writing and traveling! Nice to meet you! : ]

  8. i love to travel, did it growing up. KOA'S BABY!! cute couple, too, ahhh... newest follower from the bloghop!

  9. This article made me think of you:

  10. Hi, Azia,

    Sounds like you are ready for an incredible new journey..... in more ways than one. Ah, youth.... LOL. I love that you are both young and adventurous. I was that way one and still am on occasion. But life does bog us down sometimes especially as we enter middle age.

    HAPPY travels and I will DEFINITELY SEND YOU good vibes to finish your writing projects!

  11. Hello! Sorry I'm soooo late but to make up for it, I'll send you bucket loads of positive vibes and hope you get one or more of your projects finished. I'm still working on my one and only ms ...ugggg... Oh, and I'm very excited to hear more about your online Lit-Journal/Site. Great to meet you Azia!


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