Friday, November 2, 2012

Tenth Post? Ever?

Welp-- last night after working on my NaNo novel, Garrett and I had a looooooong talk.  It was very much needed.  It was mostly focused around social media, anxiety, etc.  Then, we started talking about this very blog.

I realized that this blog really had no purpose, it was mostly up for self gratification purposes... And, well... that's pretty lame.

I want to use this blog to connect with other writers and discuss more art and literature based content.  That's it.  None of that other stuff I sometimes wrote about.

So, I archived all of my previous posts- minus a few I think stick to my main focus and, I'm starting back at square one..  Yay for new beginnings!


  1. That's a respectable endeavor to have. I wish I could have a healthy and active blog doing the same. Whenever I think I want to get serious on my blog, I realize I usually just discuss actually important things with my husband and like 2 other close friends. For the most part, I'm more nail polish and glitter and beautiful actors and random bits of music.

  2. Anonymous11/02/2012

    Bring on the lit discussion.

  3. That's one way to retool a blog to what you really want it to be.

    Looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on about your writing, everyone else's, plus art and lit (both serious and non-serious).

  4. oh, my, that really is a big cut :) Lots of luck with the new direction, blogosphere has tones of writing blogs to connect with and chat.


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