Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Memes & "Temes"

No... not memes as in the hilarious internet sensations-- though this is where the name originated (I am ASSuming.)  I'm talking about memetics- the theory of mental content which is capable of being copied from one person's memory to the next and so on.  (Somewhat evolutionary.)  Anyway-- after taking a break from writing, I stumbled across an anazing TED Talk with Susan Blackmore,
"Susan Blackmore studies memes -- those self-replicating "life forms" that spread themselves via human consciousness. We're now headed, she believes, toward a new form of meme, spread by the technology we've created."
Anyway-- I found it to be mind blowing/thought provoking/perfect for keeping the mind stimulated whilst partaking in a novel writing break.  (I'm at 20k + for myword count for NaNo-- means I'm projected to get to 50k by December 7th if the same pace continues.  AKA- Not making me a NaNo winner.  Hopefully I'll just have a day when the kids decide to nap and let me write for a solid 12 hours straight.  HAHA YEAH RIGHT.)

Anyway, here's the video.  (Which I ironically viewed from my iPhone.  I must get rid of this temptress.  It's the work of the devil I tell ya.)  Hope it rocks your socks off.


  1. lol i loved the iphone bit at the end. evil!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!


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