Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ruining Ruined- A Poem

I found a poem that I wrote... I am not a poet so I wasn't sure what to do with it.. I decided to share it with you folks.  Feel free to tell me that it's shit... I'm okay with that!  My poetry tends to be shit.  I'm much better at telling a story as opposed to painting an emotion with words.  I leave the poetry writing to my friend Sarah.

Ruining Ruined
I was trying to write you something
and then my cell phone rang
ruining the entire story.
It was like the time my mother showed up at the pool,
yanking me out of the water by my hair.  We were
playing Marco Polo and I was “it.” 
She ruined the entire game.
After that no one wanted to play with me. 
Which at 10 years old,
had ruined my entire life.
Kind of like that time my friend Jenny
slept with my college boyfriend,
and did it again with another boyfriend.
That ruined our entire friendship.
It’s pretty easy to rip things apart,
to shred them down into a million little pieces,
ruining the entire picture. 
Especially when you don’t pay attention to the details. 
Or forget to read the directions
Like the time I didn’t follow the recipe and
I ruined your birthday cake. 
But you ate it anyway and ended up sick,
screaming at the toilet all night.
That ruined your entire birthday.
Like the people at the rally we drove by,
the one under the bridge, near the post office,
holding up signs saying Obama is the anti-Christ,
and that paying taxes has ruined their entire lives.

Maybe I should have read it aloud to you guys like I did with 'Cantaloupe Boobs'-- dang.  Next time, possibly...


  1. I love when you share your poems! You could keep this one going...

    1. That is very kind- but I don't know how to finish things like this haha That's why I can't write them! You on the other hand.. are a painter of pictures my talented friend!

  2. I stumble upon your blog via Pinterest. I like your poem. Its so straightforward and honest, its beautiful. Maybe its because of the fact that my poems tend to be seemingly trying too hard.

    Maybe its because English is not my mother-tongue, thus the try-hard.


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