Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z: Pull A String, A Puppet Moves - Charles Bukowski

 It is week 3 of Arlee Bird's A to Z Challenge.  I will continue my theme of poetry by posting a poem a day.  Hope you come back and check them out! 


Pull A String, A Puppet Moves
Written by Charles Bukowski
each man must realize
that it can all disappear very
the cat, the woman, the job,
the front tire,
the bed, the walls, the
room; all our necessities
including love,
rest on foundations of sand -
and any given cause,
no matter how unrelated:
the death of a boy in Hong Kong
or a blizzard in Omaha ...
can serve as your undoing.
all your chinaware crashing to the
kitchen floor, your girl will enter
and you'll be standing, drunk,
in the center of it and she'll ask:
my god, what's the matter?
and you'll answer: I don't know,
I don't know ...


  1. Hooray! Charles Bukowski! I've been introduced to him recently and have been looking for more books and poems by him.

  2. Poetry about the chaos theory. Beautiful.

  3. This poem is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.


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