Monday, September 17, 2012

It's A Force Field

"We are like magnets -- like attract like.  You become AND attract what you think."

I've given up sleeping.  It's for the birds.  My weight loss project/blog- Mama's Got A Big Belly is taking off!  ((You should "follow" if you don't already!))  Between working out sponsorships, networking, editing, planning posts-- it's really taking shape! --And taking up time!

So has *working out* and getting out with the family! I'm jogging, or doing yoga, or hiking.   SOMETHING!  I get the kids out of the house as much as I can.

I can't stay out of the kitchen.  My mind has all of these ideas for recipes... I see something and I find myself thinking 'How can I make this HEALTHIER and still taste good?'

Healthy living is a lifestyle.  I want to be around to see my GREAT Grand kids.  (According to Eva-- she is never going to have kids... so, I guess that one is up to Abram!)

Plus Abram is almost exclusively breast fed.  I don't have any breast milk saved up right now either... Which, is somewhat problematic... I should probably find time to pump because Garrett and I are doing something without the kids for a few hours this weekend for his birthday ((it's a surprise... so you can't know yet-- Garrett reads my blogs!))  So, I'm feeding him, snuggling him, making him giggle, bathing him, changing him-- you name it.

Speaking of Abram-- he had his 2 month check up.  He's gained almost 6 pounds since birth!  That means he's almost 15 pounds.  He also had 3 shots today.  Took 'em like a champ!  Didn't even cry until the very last shot... I think it was mostly a, 'Hey!  What the hell?  I've had enough of this crap!' type of cry.


And then... a few days ago I was in the shower and HOLY #%@#%T%&*(@&%!!!  It hits me.  *THE* IDEA.  Writers- you know what I'm talking about.  THE WIP hit me.  Like a train.

I've had ideas come to me... but, this one is just different.  Much different.  I haven't been able to return to my other large project since birthing Abram... and I'm assuming that my brain needed time to energize me so I could get this idea!

Now I'm writing constantly.  Whether scribbles in my notebook, on napkins, recording (thanks Sarah) or repeating something to myself so I don't forget it.. WIP WIP WIP.  My mind is working out this story... the characters... their world.


Like I said... sleep is for the birds.   Garrett and I are serious believers in **ONE THING** -- you get from the universe what you put into ii--

And I can say-- I'm giving it my all.


  1. Hahah wow! I'm not sure if this post motivates me or makes me feel extra lazy. But good for you for doing so much!

  2. AZIA!! This is so awesome!! All of it!! The kids! The health! The working out! The date with your love! THE WIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah baby. go go go.

  3. Anonymous9/18/2012

    Sleep? Sleep...? Hmmm...I vaguely remember something called sleep, but that was more than five years ago.


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