Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poetry and Flowers from John

There is a man named John who has visited me at the Pub for about 5-6 years.  He always comes with a flower, sits at the bar, has about 4 glasses of Coca Cola and writes poetry.

John is a Vietnam Vet who suffers from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He lives in a group home and wouldn't hurt a fly.

He has thought my name is Ashley, all these years.  And, he nicknamed me 'Angel.'  I wanted to share with you the poems he wrote for me on Monday.

Ashley Archer
Clouds you dance
on.  Thunder bolts
you jive.

You give the 
world love.

Great-ness is you

Save us all

Love all people
end of pain

beginning of Joy

When all people
are one.  The stars are our homes.  Humanity
is beyond our little
sphere.  The love reigns,
all people love one 
another.  All voices
heard none 
silenced.  Wisdom 
grows.  Innocence

Day of 
remembering love.
Faith in ourselves.
Free from chains
all of this
When I see you.


  1. I don't know why, but these poems seriously choked me up! They're beautiful! And clearly you have been somewhat of a muse/inspiration for him, so that's really cool. Thanks for sharing - awesomeness.

  2. Anonymous1/05/2012

    That's nice. :o)

  3. Oh wow, I don't usually get emotional like this over poetry, but I'm over here clutching a damp tissue. Lovely.

  4. awww, that's so sweet.

  5. this is so beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  6. wow... this is so special.


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