Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blogspiration : "..A Generation of Idiots..."

It's time for another Blogspiration!
Blogspiration is a new weekly meme hosted by GrowingUpYA and Saz101. The meme was created to help spark inspiration among bloggers, readers and writers alike. An inspirational quote/picture/video  is posted weekly, on the day of the author's choosing, so that it may inspire creativity, conversation or just a little SOMETHING
I know the image is a little small-- but if you click on the source  underneath-- it'll make it bigger on the original site!

 I picked this quote from Albert Einstein and the selection of images that accompany it because smart phones and technology (and social media) are taking over our lives.  It's scary, you guys!  I know you love your iPhone-- it's an addictive little piece of technology, I get it!  (I have one too... but not for long!  When my contract is up-- goodbye smart phone!  Hello simple life!)

Think of your day and how much time you spend on your phone-- texting, on Facebook, checking emails, playing games, using Instagram, browsing Pinterest, reading the news, apps apps apps apps apps.  WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE GLUED TO A SCREEN!  So... this week, I ask you to become aware of your usage and the way it's affecting your interactions with others.  If you are having coffee with a friend- get off of your damn phone and have a conversation already!  The world isn't going to end if you don't "check in" so all of Facebook knows you were with Jed I. Knight at the Three Broomsticks (okay-- maybe that would  be newsworthy.  But, you catch my drift.)


  1. Abso-doggone-lutely. Dontcha love that Einstein quote?

  2. Anonymous12/17/2012

    Amazing quote and amazing post! I'm a little scared about how much people love their technology- it's okay, but not every moment of every day!

  3. At the Three Broomsticks? HUH? WHERE WHERE WHERE? :D

    "Hello simple life." WOW. Azia. That is AMAZING. Like, seriously no smart phone? CONGRATS!

    I am, unfortunately, one of those people. I think that, for people who feel kind of socially awkward, it proves a crutch? But... it's like a cycle. The more you do it, the more socially awkward one feels. You can and will lose the ability to interact and make intelligent conversation. It's... wow. Totally something to think about O__o


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