Saturday, October 27, 2012

Home = Them

Garrett worked until 11pm last night... Eva, Abram and I had movie night (in my bed!) and then fell asleep...  I woke up this morning to all 4 of us very comfortably snuggled together.  We had coffee and breakfast.  Our friend Tara brought her son Ayden over to play for the day.  We bundled up and went to not one, but two parks!  I baked 3 loaves of whole wheat bread (one with cinnamon, sugar & raisins for Eva's favorite breakfast)-- the entire house smells amazing.  While the kids napped-- we got in 2 games of cribbage and watched 21 Jumpstreet.  We took the kids out for a Saturday night adventure, bundled up and went to another park and looked into the windows of the closed shops downtown.

This is love.

The quiet I've been searching for.


My mind rests and my heart swells.

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